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About A Frame Towing

About A Frame Towing

A Frame Towing is becoming more popular with Motorhome Owners. Here is a list of information to help you make the right decisions when you decide to tow

Towing Information

There are many considerations to take into account before you embark on your journey of A Frame Towing. Here’s a few tips to help you make your decisions.

  • Weights. A Frame Towing laws require that the towed vehicle be rated by its GVM (gross vehicle mass). People get confused when Tare Weight or Kerb Weight is often quoted. The GVM is the weight of the vehicle fully laden. Tare Weight is the unloaded weight.
  • What is your Towbar rating. Your towbar must be rated at least the GVM of the car you want to tow. I.E. A Suzuki Grand Vitara 5 door has a GVM of 2170kg. To tow this you would need a Towbar rated equal or more than 2170kg.
  • Is your Motorhome 12v. Some motorhomes are 24v. If your motorhome is 24v then you will need a reducer – this is an additional cost.
  • Where are your Motorhome and car registered. Different States have different laws. You must comply with the State laws of where you are registered.
  • What do I do if my Motorhome and car are registered in different States. The stricter rules apply to you. I.E. if your Motorhome is registered in Queensland and your car in NSW the NSW laws would apply.
  • My car has a nudge bar or bullbar. In most instances if your car has a nudge bar it must be removed before your installation. The same applies to alloy bullbars. If your car has a steel bullbar the installation can be attached to the bullbar.
  • What do I need to purchase for an A Frame installation. This varies depending on where you are registered and what you want to tow. Your Northcoach Agent can advise you on your specific requirements.
  • Who can do my A Frame installation. Only Northcoach accredited agents can install your A Frame. Northcoach holds the engineering certification for the products we supply and this certification only applies when an accredited agent installs our product.
  • Can I buy direct from the manufacturer. No the manufacturers will only supply through Northcoach.
  • Can I buy a second hand A Frame. Second hand A Frames are not certified. Certification is vehicle specific. A Frames sold by Northcoach Agents can be re-certified by Northcoach once we have inspected (and if necessary) serviced the A Frame.
  • What can I tow. This is the most commonly asked question. A selection of manual vehicles can be towed, however base plates (refer below for definition) are not produced for all vehicles. Very few automatics can be towed. The most commonly towed vehicle in Australia is the Suzuki Grand Vitara which can be towed in manual or automatic. Before purchasing a vehicle to tow please contact Northcoach or one of our Agents to confirm that the vehicle you have chosen can be towed. As a guide see the list below.
  • What is a Base Plate. A Base Plate is a vehicle specific designed frame that attaches to the chassis of the towed vehicle and allows for the A Frame to be attached to the car.
  • What can I do if I have a vehicle and there is no base plate. If the vehicle is manual it may be possible to have a custom designed base plate made. Additional costs apply.
  • What is a Drop Receiver. A Frame Towing is also referred to as Flat Towing. The A Frame must be parallel with the roadway on a flat surface when hooking up the towed vehicle. If this is not the case then a Drop Receiver is installed to bring the frame to the correct position.


Suzuki Grand Vitara 2000 – 2005

The 2000 – 2005 - in automatic and manual transmissions, in both the 5 door and 3 door range.

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2009 – Current

The 2009 – Current - in both manual and automatic transmissions, in both the 5 door and 3 door range.

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 – 2008

The 2006-2008 model in 5 door can be towed in either automatic or manual. The 3 door model cannot be towed

Suzuki Vitara GL 2WD current model  Manual only

 Suzuki Swift 2006 – Current

Manual only - The Suzuki Swift is the most common hatchback used when towing. The swift is perfect if you only want a small car to tow around. The sports versions of the Suzuki Swift cannot be towed.

Suzuki Alto 2004 – 2014  Manual only

Suzuki SX4 2007-2013  Manual only

Suzuki Ignis current model  Manual only

Suzuki Jimny   all models  NOTE Jimny's need a dog clutch fitted to them prior to towing Manual or Auto

Daihatsu Terios all years

Manual only The Daihatsu Terios is another small 4wd option that can be towed in all year models.

Hyundai Getz all years  Manual only

Hyundai Elantra – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only

Hyundai Excel – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only

 Hyundai I20 – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only.

Jeep Patriot – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only.

Jeep Wrangler – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only.

Jeep Rubicon - Manual or Auto

Jeep Trailhawk refer to Northcoach for year models  Manual or automatic

Jeep Grand Cherokee refer to Northcoach for year models Note: this model must have electric brakes fitted (RVibrake3)

Manual or automatic

Honda CRV – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only.

Subaru Forester - 2009-2013  Manual only

Toyota Echo – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only.

Toyota Rav4 – refer Northcoach for year models  Manual only.

Fiat 500 Pop – 2012- current   Manual only

4 wheel drive utilities manual – most manual 4WD utilities can be towed if fitted with a steel bullbar.

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